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Providing what plan sponsors need and 401(k) participants want.

  • Turnkey compliance for plan sponsors.

  • Individual investment advice for 401(k) participants.

  • Fiduciary advice for both.

Plan Sponsor Services

Plan Design and Selection

  • Assist in selecting an administrator
  • Work with the administrator and employer to select the best plan for you and your team

Plan Setup

  • Assist the employer and administrator with the setup of the plan
  • Help Select the investment options for the plan(s)
  • Help Draft the Investment Policy Statement
  • Enroll all employees
  • Explain the investment options to the employer and employees
  • Explain the plan options and benefits to employees, including Roth vs Regular 401(k) options
  • Assist the employees with beneficiary forms
  • Provide guidance on retirement planning and risk assessment to all participants, if desired
  • If desired, assist the employees in choosing an appropriate asset allocation for their situation
  • Assist with the rollover of prior plan assets and IRA accounts to the new plan

Ongoing Services

  • Assist with deposits and distributions (sponsor, custodian, and administrator)
  • Assist with loan transactions
  • Meet with the employer and employees semi-annually or annually as a group
  • Meet with the individual employees and owners semi-annually or annually
  • Assist each participant with ongoing risk analysis and retirement planning, if desired
  • Answer plan and investment questions in person, by phone, and/or by email
  • Rebalance the accounts annually, if desired
  • Monitor the investment options and update, supplement, and replace as needed with plan sponsor & participant permission
  • Handle termination of individual employee accounts with the administrator
  • Work with the administrator, custodian, and plan sponsor to make sure all compliance issues, including DOL regulations, are handled in a timely and efficient manner

Plan Termination(s)

  • Work with the administrator and employer to terminate the plan(s) and distribute any assets