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Providing what plan sponsors need and 401(k) participants want.

  • Turnkey compliance for plan sponsors.

  • Individual investment advice for 401(k) participants.

  • Fiduciary advice for both.

Services Provided To Individual Clients

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by making retirement and investment planning as easy as possible. To achieve this goal, we offer the following services:

Design & Implementation of your Financial Plan

To help you meet your goals, objectives, timeline, and risk tolerance.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Short and Long-Term Goal Planning
  • Analysis of assets held outside of ASC, including your 401(k)/Profit Sharing Accounts

Investment Management

  • Proper Asset Allocation - Equities versus fixed income
  • Portfolio Construction - Style, Sector, Correlation, Overlap, and Alternative Strategies
  • Portfolio Volatility - Reducing downside risk to increase return
  • Periodic Rebalancing and Review
  • Investment Research, Selection and Monitoring of Investments, Investment Managers, and Portfolio Strategies

Continuing Education

We strive to stay abreast of changes that could affect your planning. These include updates to tax and securities laws, asset allocation concepts, portfolio design, risk management, and income distribution strategies.

Preventing Common Investor Errors

We are there to guide you through the tough decisions involved in investing.

Asset and Family Protection

We work closely with CPAs, Attorneys, and Insurance Agents to coordinate your Estate, Income Tax, and Insurance Planning.

Please note: We often go beyond this list to help our clients in specific situations. Please ask if you need help in an area that’s not listed above.